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Category C; COE Price in Singapore

5 year further extention of COE
COE Price chart

COE price in Singapore is using open bidding method to determine the final price. It happens on every 1st and 3rd Monday of the months unless stated otherwise.

What we have for you is a Table focus on Category C; COE price in Singapore for the past 12 months.

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COE for months of
COE price
Jan 2014 , 1st bidding$48,881.00Increase
Jan 2014 , 2nd bidding$50,001.00Increase
Feb 2014 , 1st bidding$51,002.00Increase
Feb 2014 , 2nd bidding $52.890.00Increase
Mar 2013 , 1st bidding$56,302.00 Increase
Mar 2013 , 2nd bidding$53,891.00 Decrease
Apr 2013 , 1st bidding$56,011.00Increase
Apr 2013 , 2nd bidding$58,502.00Increase
May 2013 , 1st bidding$57,051Decrease
May 2013 , 2nd bidding$56,889Decrease
Jun 2013 , 1st bidding$57,989Decrease
Jun 2013 , 2nd bidding$59,001Increase
Jul 2013 , 1st bidding $61,011 Increase
Jul 2013 , 2nd bidding $65,036Increase
Aug 2012 , 1st bidding $68,251.00Increase
Aug 2012 , 2nd bidding$71,001.00Increase
Sep 2012 , 1st bidding$73,999.00Increase
Sep 2013 , 2nd bidding $76,001.00Increase
Oct 2013 , 1st bidding$76,310.00Decrease
Oct 2013 , 2nd bidding$68,002.00Decrease
Nov 2013 , 1st bidding$55,503.00 Decrease
Nov 2013 , 2nd bidding$55,002.00Decrease
Dec 2013 , 1st bidding$51,112.00Decrease
Dec 2013 , 2nd bidding$48,001.00Decrease

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Owners of Category ‘C’ (CAT C) vehicles who choose to renew their Certificates of Entitlement for five years will be allowed another 5-year COE renewal. Changes are effective from 25 Feb 2013.

Cat C Vehicle owners who opt for the 5-year COE renewal will continue on subsequent 5-year renewals, subject to the vehicle’s statutory lifespan.

CAT C vehicles which are already on a 5-year renewed COE expiring on or after 25 February 2013 can also qualify for further 5-year renewals. Such owners with their 5-year COE expiring between 25 February 2013 and 13 March 2013 who wish to continue using their vehicles are advised to ensure that their COE and Road Tax are renewed by 19 March 2013. They can renew their vehicle’s COE by submitting the ‘Application to Renew a COE’ form and payment to LTA at the Vehicle and Transit Licensing Customer Service Centre located at 10 Sin Ming Drive, Singapore 575701, by 4pm, 19 March 2013. Otherwise, they must dispose of the vehicle and submit disposal documents to LTA before 12 noon, 13 April 2013.

For more queries, please call the Land Transport Authority customer service hotline at 1800-CALL LTA (1800-2255 582) for further enquiries.
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